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Beyond Medusas Gate VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE 

beyond-medusa-s-gateWelcome to the Animus: The date is 445 B.C. In an age of eloquent philosophers, merciless gods, and death-promising oracles. Somewhere on the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece, in a vast Aegean coastal cave, an old artifact has been hidden. It could be the legendary ship of the Argonauts…

Using the Animus simulation program and our database of recorded genetic memories, we will send you back to Greece. Find the ship, if it exists 

Escape The Lost Pyramid VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

escape the lost pyramid

Welcome to the Animus: February 1928. An expedition led by Sir Beldon Frye disappears somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. A team of four and a dozen local porters were looking for the Lost Pyramid of Nebka… Or more precisely, “something” that should have been there. They were never seen again. Using the simulation reconstructed from their DNA memory, your team will put themselves in the shoes of the explorers. Find out what happened to the expedition. And more importantly, locate what they were looking for.

Goblins Quest: The Uprising VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

goblins quest the uprising


The Goblin King has imprisoned you, and you must work together with your allies to escape his wrath. You’ll encounter fellow goblins and heroes of the realm of Virea in your quest to rise up against the king.

Ward: 9 VR Game | 2 Players PG 12+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE



Through a series of mind-bending tests, you and your partner must travel through the ward and work with each other to make sense of the "experiments" you'll be undergoing. Society expects you to be just sane enough to accept you. Can you and your partner prove your capabilities?

Lost Legends: The Pharaoh's Tomb VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE



You suddenly hear the trembling voice of the temple’s keeper. He is merciful in giving you time to leave his sacred chambers, but his patience wears thin.

Gheist Manor VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 12+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE



You’ve been knocked out, but you awaken inside what seems to be a little girl’s play room. A lot of things seem to be just a little… off. You suddenly hear a girl’s voice say “Mommy says we can only play ’til midnight.” Playtime has begun.

Subject X: Abduction VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 12+  | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE



Blinded by the light, you awaken to the sound of a robotic voice and realize you are simply a test subject that will soon be dissected.

Huxley I: Save The Future VR Game | 2-4 Players | 45 min. PG 10+ | Buy Tickets HERE

huxley 13007 AD: The world, as you know it, is gone. Mankind was replaced by machines. What was once green, is now destroyed. You are the last, remaining survivors, with one mission: to help HUXLEY. With your first step into the virtual reality, you have 44 minutes to reverse the apocalypse.

Everything you need to succeed can be found within your team: Adrenaline, a fighting spirit and a desire to win. Do you have what it takes to save the world? Well, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!

Huxley II: Journey To The Center Of Energy | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

huxley 2The legends tell the story of Huxley, hiding in a secret place as a source of infinite energy. our father dedicated his life in search of the legend and to find this mysterious source of energy, unfortunately, he disappeared. Your team will follow the legend in his footsteps and complete his life’s work. Explore the 19th-century steampunk world in virtual reality in search of the ultimate energy source. The ingenious invention of the professor will help you with this. Immerse yourself in the puzzle adventure of your life and experience the history of HUXLEY

The Corsair's Curse VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

corsairs curce stillIn The Corsair’s Curse, you and your teammates (the game supports up to 4 simultaneous players) jump aboard a mysterious galleon, looking for the Corsair’s treasure. Alas ! The Corsair appears and brings his curse upon you : you now look like tiny wooden idols. And if you are not able to solve the many puzzles and challenges that await you in the galleon, you and your friends shall become part of the Corsair’s idols collection for all eternity.

Arizona Sunshine VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 14+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

arizona sunshine zombie vr game


Step into the midst of a zombie apocalypse as if you were really there, and shoot, snipe and blast your way through hordes of undead close enough to touch. Arizona Sunshine has you battle for survival across a blistering hot, post-apocalyptic Arizona

Mission Sigma VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

ER_MissionSigma_8-1A notorious terrorist, who had been hiding for a decade, was found and neutralized by the secret police. The good news is over. It turned out that this frenetic has installed a nuclear warhead with a timer on the roof of an abandoned skyscraper. This building has become a tower full of obstacles and intricate traps.

You are an expert in such riddles. With the help of the secret police, you have entered the courtyard, but the rest is up to you. Test your skills and try to get past all the traps to prevent a nuclear attack.

Cyberpunk VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

ER_Cyberpunk_16-1-1024x432It’s the beginning of the 22nd century. Society has collapsed amid rapid technological progress. People are modifying their own bodies extensively. Corporations war with one another over data, which has become the most valuable commodity on the market. Your group, made up of cyborgs equipped with special skills, has decided to steal some rare data from the archives of an influential corporation. Infiltrating the complex unnoticed, you must get to the archives and download the stack memory. But there won’t be anything easy about that.

Signal Lost VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

ARVI_VRcovers_Signal-LostThe secret research station, called "Asgard", orbits the Earth but the contact has been suddenly lost...A few hours ago a powerful electromagnetic pulse was registered at the "Asgard" after which the station shifted to the fading orbit. The station will enter the Earth's atmosphere in an hour! The fall of this gigantic station on the planet surface will take a heavy toll on humanity. Your anti-crisis team's objective is to reactivate the system functionality to correct orbital pathing. What does this lifeless looking station hide and where its crew has gone? It's up to you to find answers or die in the greatest disaster in the history of mankind.

Heist Casino VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets


Sanctum VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

ER_SanctumThere are dark places in the world you should stay away from; these are the places where all your fears come true. You have received a letter from your old friend and partner of yours on dangerous adventures requesting for your help. In the letter, she wrote about her investigation into the question of missing people in the surrounding forests. You are about to conduct your own investigation. Be careful because you will have to risk not only your lives but also your souls when you encounter the ancient force that slumbers under an old abandoned monastery — this dark sanctuary hides terrible secrets.

House of Fear VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

house of fear still

Night. An abandoned dilapidated cabin in the woods. Cobwebs in the corners, dust on the floor, dilapidated furniture and... not a single living soul. From the looks of it, the house has long since been abandoned, but is that really the case? You try to understand what’s going on here but you understand only one thing - this house isn’t going to let you get away so easily. Looking around, you see that the doors and windows are shut, there’s no electricity, and the dying flicker of the candle is barely enough to light the murky room.



Christmas Story VR Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE

ER_Christmas_6-1-1024x432Christmas is under threat! Santa has got caught in a blizzard, he has lost all the presents and cannot find his way home. Only you can save Christmas. To help Santa find his house, you need to light the lights on the biggest Christmas tree in the forest. However, before you do that you’ll have to get to where Santa lives in the North Pole and get everything back in order. Find out why the magic elves refuse to work and the presents are not getting to the children. Hurry up to revive the first Christmas tree along with Santa’s best reindeer!


Our VR Games + VR Escape Games offer the perfect team building vibe.

One of the unique options we offer after your Escape Room or VR Game experience is a great place to relax and connect with friends, family, or co-workers. Take this time to relive the best moments of play, or plot your next strategic move for when you rematch again. Some of our private event service offers are:

  • Selfie, then lounge on our state of the art furniture
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  • Coordination of special requests

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