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Time Travel Chapter I Escape Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE 



Alpha team has disappeared during its last mission where vital pieces of information have been lost… they need to be recovered at all costs ! Put on your equipment and travel through time to follow the path of the lost agents!

Time Travel Chapter II Escape Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE 

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Earth has once again been threatened. Only a few sources of energy capable of combating this plague have been spotted in different periods of time- you have 45 minutes to find them before it is too late.

Are We Dead? Escape Game | 2-4 Players PG 14+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE 

are we dead virtual realityIn the year 2040 in a secret military base, it’s been 9 years since an infection devastated the planet creating a rampant Zombie population. Scientists are about to discover an antidote and will be soon begin eliminating all Zombies off the face of the earth! Form your team of Zombies and fight for your own race’s survival – it’s time to save the Zombie’s for once!

Nefertari Tomb Escape Game | 2-4 Players PG 10+ | 45 min. | Buy Tickets HERE 

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Our VR Games + Escape Games offer the perfect team building vibe.

One of the unique options we offer after your Escape Room or VR Game experience is a great place to relax and connect with friends, family, or co-workers. Take this time to relive the best moments of play, or plot your next strategic move for when you rematch again. Some of our private event service offers are: 

  • Selfie, then lounge on our state of the art furniture
  • Bring in your own catering (or use our EZCater partners)
  • Coordination of special requests

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